25 february 2016

I have more news about Liljevalchs vårsalong (spring exhibition) but today I’m going to share something completely different.

Well, maybe not completely.

Since the stop motion film I made with Madelen Rensmo is now being exhibited at Liljevalchs I though I’d share my very first stop motion. It was of course done with the amazing help from Madelen Rensmo who’s also the star in the film!

10 february 2016

Ok, so this is kind of embarrassing and something that just isn’t allowed to happen… again… hopefully…

I totally forgot to tell you that I’m in this years vårsalong (spring exhibition) at Liljevalchs in Stockholm! The clay animation ”Let There be Light” that I made with Madelen Rensmo will once again be exhibited in one of the largest (or maybe even the largest) exhibitions in Sweden (last time it was höstsalongen (autumn exhibition) in Norway). Wooohoooo as you say!

The exhibition will be open between 12/2 and 10/4 and the opening is this friday (12/2) at 14.00

To see the trailer to our film click HERE

5 january 2016

2016! Wow, when did that happen?

I’ve decided to start this year with brutal honesty. I have written about my struggles in life in the hope that it might help people with the same or similar problems understand that you should never ever have to feel ashamed of your health. If you want to, you can read it HERE.

I’ll leave you with a picture of brain weasels I made for a friend!

8 december 2015

December is finally here and I’ve gone totally crazy with the decorating. And so should you! I can of course recommend adding my Santas to your decorations! Take a look here and here and here!

I have some very nice holiday prizes as well at the moment! But more about that later. If you’re interested in purchasing something, send me an e-mail to

22 november 2015

It’s getting darker and darker outside. Perfect for candle light suppers (yes I’ve been binge watching ”keeping up appearances”).

Click HERE for more owl candleholders

14 november 2015

Ok, so this week’s update is an oldie but goodie. In fact it’s so old that it’s one of the first things I did in ceramics about seven years ago.

7 november 2015

I’m really sorry for my lack of updating lately. Not ok people, not ok! So to make up for that I will try to update once a week until there’s nothing more to show you (and I sure hope that never happens). Today I added ”A pig’s life”, take a look HERE

6 november 2015

Whoa! Where did all that time go?

Anyway, now I’m back! There’s a lot going on at the moment and I promise to keep you updated! Let’s start with Face of Madness new video blog, Säg inget till Jörgen (don’t tell Jörgen). Updated every Sunday.

11 february 2015

I’m making a few small changes to make this page a little easier to navigate. I wouldn’t go as far as to say things will be chaotic until I’m done because I won’t change enough to call the process chaotic, but you might stumble upon a page that looks kind of, well, incomplete but only because that’s exactly what it is!

9 december 2014


Free shipping until Christmas within Sweden and Norway!!! Visit my SHOP!!!

26 november 2014

Well, how about that, it’s exactly one month since I wrote anything here. Hopefully this awesome coincidence will make up for the fact that, well, it was a whole month since I updated last.

And a lot has happened!

I’ve managed to keep my aloe vera plant alive the entire summer and I also now have my own gallery (my own as in I share it with my ridiculously talented father: I understand you might be more interested in my aloe vera plant but I’m still going to talk about the gallery instead. Sorry.

It’s in the basement of my parents house which is good news for everyone because they always have cake! Feel free to drop by unannounced (however, if no one’s home I’d rather you didn’t break in) or send me a mail ( and I will drop whatever it is I’m doing and be a wonderful host to you!


26 october 2014

I’m on Instagram! CLICK HERE!

23 october 2014

Whoa! Where did all that time go? Who hid it? And can I get it back?

I was supposed to write this post a month ago but sometimes I forget things and sometimes I remember things but I’m too lazy to do them anyway. This post definitely falls under one of those two categories.

My animal porcelain cups has been in a magazine! If you can get your hands on an old issue (nr 9) of Härliga Hund (Lovely Dogs) you can turn to page 6 and stare a while at one of my cups!


16 september 2014

Two updates on the same day! Yay me!

I haven’t posted any ceramics lately. Let’s change that shall we!


16 september 2014

”Let There be Light” has now premiered in Oslo at Høstutstillingen in Oslo (English: The Autumn Exhibition or National Art Exhibition)! I just came back after four intense days in Oslo just in time for my annual road trip with Madelen (the other face in Face of Madness). I’m hoping this road trip will lead us to the worlds largest ball of yarn (a lifelong dream of mine) and if you’re interested in what I assume will be superinteresting and supercool updates I suggest you like our Facebook page (HERE) or follow us on Twitter (HERE).

I honestly forgot to take that many pictures during the premiere but we did find the time to pose on the two lions (no they weren’t real) outside the museum (as you can see on the first picture (if you squint and have a good imagination)).

IMG_0156meIMG_0165IMG_0217 IMG_0191

31 augusti 2014 

UPDATED! Wohooo!

If you’ve ever wondered what a wedding between a doctor and a lion might look like (and of course you’ve wondered, who hasn’t) HERE’s the answer!

Image (43)

20 august 2014

So… it’s been a while… but rest assured I have been busy so there will be a lot of exciting updates happening soon!

First off I’m extremely happy to tell you that the clay animation I’ve been working on with Madelen Rensmo has been accepted to Høstutstillingen in Oslo (English: The Autumn Exhibition or National Art Exhibition)! The exhibition is Norway’s largest marking of contemporary art and takes place each autumn.


The exhibition will take place between September 13 and October 12, and both Madelen and I will be there on the 13th so do come by and say hello or as we say in swedish: Komsi, komsi!


For regular updates about the film ”like” our facebook page or follow us on twitter!

8 may 2014

In the midst of everything that’s going on at the moment, I forgot to tell you:


My work (the film I’ve been working on with Madelen Rensmo) will (finally) be shown at the exhibition ”FRYSEROM 12” at Bontelabo in Bergen, Norway. Yay!

10 april 2014

I’m currently working on a clay animation with Madelen Rensmo. For updates check out our page on Facebook: Let there be light


22 march 2014

I haven’t had the time to update my shop yet, but new things are on the way!


12 march 2014


New necklaces and earrings (will soon turn up in the shop)

10 march 2014

I can’t sit still for very long, I need to have something to do, not even the best tv-show can keep my attention for too long. So I doodle. A lot.

Image (129)aaa

Image (130)aaa

4 march 2014

Image (109vb,nb)

Date night

Image (111)

Movie night

20 february 2014

I finally finished my new collection of Dalahästar! Will soon appear in the shop (but can of course be bought right away if you’re in a hurry (as I always am while shopping))!


18 february 2014

Doodles I made while home sick

Image (106)utan

Image (126)dutan

(Doctor Who themed)

15 february 2014


Sale! Until february the 23rd you get two of these awesome cups for just 500kr (shipping cost not included)!

You’re welcome!

10 february 2014

I’ve been home last week with an infection in my cheek and to deal with the pain I’ve been doodleing away, just putting pen against paper and who would have guessed, a tree grew out of it!

Image (3)2xvxvfgblogf

6 february 2014

A fish or a tie?

Image (107) copfsfy

2 february 2014

One of my early masterpieces from 88. The picture clearly states that there’s a real ghost in the right corner and that there’s a giant taking another giant (it doesn’t say however if ”taking” is the same as ”eating” and if the bigger giant is a cannibal or zombie). Clearly I was a very talented child!


22 january 2014

A poodle in the eye!

Image (103)blog

For more pictures in the collection click HERE (a pig on the nose) and HERE (a rat in the nose) and last but not least HERE (a rat in the mouth)!

21 january 2014

Now you can follow me on facebook! Yay!

To do so click HERE!


18 january 2014

New stuff in the making!



13 january 2014

Maybe you’re a shopaholic just like me and maybe, just maybe, you’ve already gone through everything in the collections of all your favourite shops. Maybe you’re feeling a bit down and want nothing more than to buy more stuff. Well, I’m happy to inform you that you really don’t need to look any further because I’ve just added a collection of earrings and necklaces in my shop! Browse through the wonderful collection HERE and just let me know if you want to buy something (or everything if your shopping abstinence is really bad)!


10 january 2014

It’s 2014 so let’s celebrate this unavoidable ageing with some new pictures!

Image (344)blog

And for even more new pictures go HERE and HERE!

24 december 2013


11 december 2013

It’s Christmas soon (or if you’re anything like me Christmas has already been going on for 11 days)! Maybe you’re wondering what to buy everyone (what if dad’s already read that book?)? Well, look no further! Why not give your entire family a nice cup? Or a dalahäst?



3 december 2013

Today I pretended to be King Kong. How was your monday?


30 november 2013

This weekend I’m selling my masterpieces at Leksands julmarknad! Be sure to stop by and buy everything!


19 november 2013

It was my dads birthday a few weeks ago so I made him this picture.

Image (330)blog

You’re welcome dad, you’re welcome!

3 november 2013

Today it’s Sunday so it only seems fitting with some pictures of my ever growing zoo (with dinosaurs).




26 october 2013

Do you remember how clean my desk used to look?

I don’t.


I’m back to working on my animation project with Madelen Rensmo and while her desk looks suspiciously clean my desk has turned into this wonderful chaotic mess. We’ve made some new figures and done our best to make our old figures look somewhat representable. We’ve also listened a lot to Johnny Cash and learned how to rap to Spice Girls.





And then we were supposed to start filming. Only… I forgot to bring the battery to my camera. So we made a few more figures instead.



But now we’re back on track and will probably have a film to show you soon!


15 october 2013

I bet you’re tired of watching me spinning around on my chair in a constant loop.

So I’m giving you something else to look at, something I think you will enjoy immensely!




14 september 2013


Look at me spinning in the chair (that’s right, I’ve learned to make a gif just for you)!





This is my new office where I’m going to spend most of my time from now on. I was given a small cubicle and lots of freedom and this is the result (I’m expecting the dinosaurs to eventually invade every clean surface… I give them a week to break out of the box).

30 august 2013

If you’re anything like me and obsessed with tea and coffee, but you don’t want to drink from your hands, you should visit Leksands hemslöjd or Klockargårdens hemslöjd in picturesque Dalarna in Sweden and buy a few of my dalahorsecups! Look, they’re even mentioned in a magazine! I circled it in red so you wouldn’t miss it!

siljan just nu 2600

19 june 2013

I almost forgot to mention my new tumblr: Miss?! Do I look single to you?

“Did you know that if you run fast enough (you’ll get really tired and wished you’d walked instead) you’ll end up on the moon dressed as a pineapple (sticking to the pineapple theme). True story.”

19 june 2013

I found a few sketches I did while working on bacon is the essence of life that I thought I’d share with you. A start of a new project maybe?

Image (41)a2600

For more pictures click HERE

1 june 2013

If you haven’t already, you should have a little shopping spree in my shop! There’s a new collection of porcelain cups you’ll just have to own!

350 sek / £35 / 40 US - dollar
350 sek / £35 / 40 US – dollar

20 may 2013

Image (329)blog

It’s late and the phrase ”I could eat seven pigs and an entire apple tree” makes total sense…

14 april 2013


You haven’t heard from me in a while. No updates, no excessive chatter. The latter is certainly a personality trait that’s very uncharacteristic of me. But there’s a reason for this and it’s not because, as you might think if you’ve wathed as much doctor who as I have, I’ve been abducted by aliens. It’s because I’ve been working on this little project of mine. And when I say mine, I actually mean that it’s a collaboration with Madelen Rensmo (Face of Madness, remember this name because we will be famous one day) and when I say little I actually mean that it’s a huge time consuming life mission.  One that takes most of my waking time.

It’s still a work in progress because as we pretty soon learned, it takes more than four weeks for two people to make an entire stopmotion film, but we’re slowly working our way towards a finished film (& finally I’ve found a good use for my abilities to cheat at everything). Our original plan gave us one week to come up with a story and sketch, another week to make the scenes and finally two weeks to actually make the film. I’m proud to say that we stayed on schedule for the entire first week! The remaining three weeks have turned into six months and we’ve already given up twice (the second time I bought a nice pair of earrings as consolation). Now we’re back on track and the film will hopefully be finished in time and soon we will be filthy rich and famous.

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been doing (thanks to Madelens phone that moonlights as a camera from time to time):





And of course I won’t leave you without bonus pictures of what we did the first time we gave up:



28 march 2013

You can now buy my ceramic horses and porcelain cups at Klockargården hemslöjd in the beautiful swedish village Tällberg! If you’ve always wanted to go to Sweden but never had a reason to, you now have one!


27 december 2012


Look at this people, I’ve managed to embed a video on one of my pages! To see more click here!

14 december 2012


Image (128)550

Image (130)550

11 december 2012


If you eat the chocolate (as you do) who is supposed to look after the toy? I am!




8 december 2012


It’s not just a notebook – it’s my life. It’s not just part of my work – it is my work. And it’s a work in its own. Hope you’ll enjoy this love story as much as I enjoy living it!

Image (133)550


4 december 2012


I had big hopes of not having to go through this again. But I also had big hopes of a jam fountain with boats made of bisquit so I guess you can’t get everything you hope for. And with five rats in the flat, christmas cleaning is something we do every week.



The rats did not help at all.


I would show you a picture of my christmas calendar (because it was awesome) but I’ve already eaten all the chocolate. I’m surprised I made it this long.




There’s even a christmas tree with presents under (and a ceramic mug that’s part of a project I’m working on)


29 november 2012


I woke up early this morning (10am, oh the things I do for art) so I could photograph one of my projects. Somehow I managed to wreck the apartment in the process. This is what my flatmate woke up to…

19 november 2012


11 november 2012


How would it feel to be trapped in a meat package? I intend to find out.

Just to make sure I would actually fit in the package…

8 november 2012


I’m writing the foreword to a story I haven’t written yet and I thought I should give you a small preview of what it will look like. Oh, and it’s important that you use your imagination and pretend it’s a book you’re reading and not a short preview online. Enjoy the madness!

This is a book.

Now you might find that information redundant. Is it not obvious that what you’re holding in your hands at this exact moment is a book? It sure looks like a book, doesn’t it? But may I ask how you can be so certain that this is how a book looks? Is it perhaps because it looks like all other books in your bookcase? Then, what if I were to tell you that all your other books are impostors? That this here is what a true book looks like.

And now you’re probably wondering what all those other things occupying your bookcase actually are. Well, they’re not books that’s for sure. They might be goats. You see, it’s not unusual for goats to disguise themselves as books. Why, you ask. And that question is the reason. Why? Why not?

I would also like to remind you to feed your goats. I hear goats like chocolate. Give them some truffles, they should enjoy that. Go on, feed what you’ve always thought were your books but in fact are starving goats standing shoulder to shoulder in your far too small bookcase. I bet they’re hungry.

But then again, what if they’re not goats disguised as books, but rather books looking like themselves. If so, giving them truffles would just be smearing your books with chocolate. So if you’re in doubt here are a few ways to differentiate between a goat and a book (but read quickly, your books are hungry):

Number one. Books can’t fly (unless you throw them from a very tall building, in which case they will fly for three seconds before falling to a very unnecessary death). Goats can.

You’re probably thinking that that’s bullshit. Goats can’t fly because goats aren’t birds. And I have to salute you for your brave try at logic. And it’s true, goats aren’t birds. But then again neither are horses and yet they have no problem flying.

And it’s not exactly science, making goats fly. You just give them a jumbo jet and they will fly it to Mexico where they will live the rest of their lives as refugees. However, if you give a jumbo jet to a book it will just gather dust in the garage as books have no arms and therefore can’t reach the controls. It’s all logical. Give it a try, buy your books a jumbo jet and see if they enjoy it.

Number two. Books don’t have legs. Goats do. If goats didn’t have legs, how would they walk? They would just be big blobs on the ground.

And that’s exactly what we would call them, blobs. Not goats. Something can only be a goat when it’s either running towards you, intent on goring you into two halves or is about to run towards you goring you into two halves (without realising there’s a big fence between you… and boy won’t he feel stupid when his horns are permanently stuck in the fence?). A goat without legs can’t gore you unless you accidentally step right into his horns. And then it’s more a case of you goring yourself anyway.

Books on the other hand don’t need legs. They’re perfectly content staying on your bookcase having a nice long nap. And if they need to go someplace else, you will carry them, unknowingly taking on the role as their own private chauffeur.

Number three. Books don’t know how to read other books. Goats don’t know how to read other goats (unless they’re disguised as books). Which means that if a goat can read what’s in your bookcase it’s because it’s either a book or a goat in disguise as a book.

Number four. Why take the chance anyway? Books aren’t necessarily books and do you really want your goats in disguise as books to starve to death? Do you want your goats in disguise as books to be corpses in disguised as books? Is that something you want on your conscience? No? Well I didn’t think so. Now, go pour chocolate over your bookcase (if nothing else, you will get a delicious dessert and an excellent conversation piece at dinner parties).

8 november 2012


For slightly bigger pictures CLICK HERE!

7 november 2012


This was a decision I made as early as my first birthday, twenty-seven years ago. At first it was just a desperate cry for attention, a need to be the centre of attention. You see, I wasn’t more than a few hours old when my two older brothers decided to ignore me for the very first time. They had just discovered that the hospital bed my mother was laying in could be raised and lowered and simply didn’t have time to look at their younger sister. And as my mother, me and the hospital bed was raised and lowered repeatedly, I thought that this, their ignorance, would be something they would be sure to regret later in life when I would be a rich and famous artist.

Of course I was reminded of this cunning plan several times during my childhood. One of those times was during primary school when my teacher proudly showed me a picture one of my brothers had made of Donald Duck. Personally I was going through that inevitable period of life when you draw the sky as a single blue line at the top of the paper. It was a clear sign that I needed to step up and start filling the vacuum between the ground and the blue line with even more blue sky, as most artists choose to do in their works.

Another reminder that I needed to become a rich and famous artist was when my other brother started drawing comic strips and didn’t only show an artistic talent but also the gift of humour. A clear sign that I needed to add humour to my art. An art which at that time mostly consisted of drawing pigs in clothes. Something that should have been humorous in itself, but which I personally took way too seriously.

So to make my perfectly realistic plan of becoming a rich and famous artist a reality I’m getting myself a bachelors degree in ceramics and it’s only a matter of time before my brothers will realise that they shouldn’t have ignored me that fateful day twenty-seven years ago.

5 november 2012


New images! CLICK HERE!

3 november 2012

NEW BLOG, NEW WORKSPACE, NEW PROJECTS (and new language since I’m going to become famous worldwide… and across space)


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